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Check lists of must strategies for penny auction

Posted by matildenuechter0238 on October 2, 2012 at 5:05 AM

When you are planning to indulge inthe process of penny auction youneed to make sure that you follow list of “must” strategies.

Scaring off the opponent is a verystrong strategy. You need to participate in only one auction at a time. Thiswill help you to stay focus and bid constantly. Bidding constantly gives theimage of fierce competition. They obviously do not want to end up wasting theirbids in an auction where they had little chance already due to fiercecompetition. You can also choose different times of night and day when trafficis expected to be low. You can also find new bidding sites  where you expect the traffic to be low aswinning in low competition is easier.

You can also use aggressiveusernames to scare off your competitors. You can use usernames that reflectyour image as the bidder who never loses or a bidder who has loads of money.Competitors feel pressurized already when they see such usernames and they walkaway very easily. You also need to study your competitors so that you know whothe real hotshots and who are pretending to be. This will save you from the hassle of trying to outbid a big bidder witha lot of money to waste. You can also make your competitors to walk away bybiding from multiple accounts. This will build a picture that many users arealready very interested in that product and hence winning chances are very low.To follow this strategy you need to be careful if the penny auction website allows multiple users or not. Many websitesdon’t have regulation of single account but few might have. Your accounts mightget deleted if they have single account policy for each bidder. The bid amountmay not be refunded after account deletion so be careful.


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